For foreign nationals entering the U.S. to attend college or university.


  • Those in F-1 status must be enrolled in a program or course of study that culminates in a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • The school must be authorized by the U.S. government to accept international students.
  • Students must be proficient in English or be enrolled in courses leading to English proficiency.
  • F-1 students must have sufficient funds available for self-support during the entire course of study.
  • Students must maintain residences abroad which they have no intention of giving up.


  • To obtain an F-1 visa, applicants must apply to an be accepted by an SEVP approved school.  Once accepted, students must pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee and the school will issue an I-20.  Students must then fill out a DS-160 online form and schedule an interview.
  • Processing times will vary depending on appointment availability at the nearest U.S. embassy.

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