For professionals with a specialty occupation and a sponsor company who need specialist for business immigration.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a specialty field required for the position
  • Salary at or above the fair prevailing wage (check here)
  • Must demonstrate an employer-employee relationship (startups can also do this)
  • Must be selected in the annual lottery capped annually at 85,000 petitions per year: 65,000 Regular Cap and additional 20,000 for Foreign Nationals with U.S. Master’s degrees


  • Average USCIS processing time (if selected in lottery): 4-6 months; 2 weeks when filed with Premium Processing and if there is no Request for Evidence. (it may take 7-10 days to prepare the paperwork for filing)
  • H-1Bs are filed for 3 years extendable up to 6 years. (There are exceptions from 6 years limit for these in green card process).
  • New H-1B visa lottery in March each year. Selected H-1B cases, if petition is approved, start on October 1.

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