For intra-company transfers of executives and managers or employees with specialized knowledge.


  • Must have been employed abroad for at least one year out of the prior three years by a related or an affiliated company in a capacity that is executive, managerial, or requires specialized knowledge.
  • Both the U.S. and overseas companies must continue to be actively engaged in business for the duration of the L-1 status.
  • Newly established companies in the U.S. (in business for less than one year) can obtain one year of L-1 status for the applicant initially. The L-1 extension application must show a growth in the U.S. business.
  • There are three types of employees: L-1A visas are for executives and managers, and L-1B visas are for those with specialized knowledge. “Specialized knowledge” is special or advanced knowledge of the employer’s products, research, proprietary techniques, or operational procedures/protocols.
  • Spouses may file for work authorization once in the U.S.


  • Average USCIS processing time: 3-6 months; 2 weeks when filed with Premium Processing and if there is no Request for Evidence (it may take several weeks to gather all evidence prior to filing).
  • L-1s are issued for 3 years initially and then extendable for up to 7 year for L-1As and 5 years for L-1Bs.

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