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  • A Mandamus complaint is litigation filed in Federal Court to compel a decision on a pending application.  For example, a client has filed an application for a green card that is pending for over two years—beyond the current processing times posted by USCIS.  Numerous emails and telephone calls to USCIS have not made an impact.  We can prepare a strategic Mandamus lawsuit resulting in a Federal Judge ordering USCIS to make a decision.  Recently, we filed a Mandamus complaint to compel USCIS to make a decision on an application for political asylum that had not been pending for so long, but which had humanitarian urgency that USCIS was ignoring.

GPI Approach

  • We prepare a strong Mandamus complaint and send a draft to USCIS giving them one last chance to make a decision or else the complaint will be filed the following week.  Last month we had two long-pending cases approved using this strategy, without the need of filing the complaints in court.

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