An extraordinarily individuals visa for people talented in science, the arts, business or athletics that have a job offer.


O-1A -Must meet at least three of the following eight criteria:

  • Must meet at leastthree of the following eight criteria:
  • Internationally recognized prizes or awards
  • Membership in associations in the field that require outstanding achievements
  • Authorship of scholarly articles in the field
  • Published material in professional or major trade publications
  • Participation on a panel as the judge of the work of others in the field
  • Original scientific or scholarly contributions of major significance to the field
  • Employment in a critical or essential capacity for organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation

O-1B – Must have a nomination for or receipt of a major award such as Academy Award, Emmy, Grammy or Director’s Guild Award, OR at least three of the following six criteria:

  • Performance as a lead or starring participant in productions or events of distinguished reputation
  • National or international recognition for achievements evidenced by critical reviews or other published materials;
  • Performance in a lead, starring, or critical role for organizations with distinguished reputation;
  • Record of major commercial or critically acclaimed successes
  • Significant recognition for achievements from organizations, critics, government agencies, or other recognized experts
  • Higher salary in comparison to peers.


  • Average USCIS processing time: 2-4 months; 2 weeks when filed with Premium Processing and if there is no Request for Evidence (it may take several weeks to gather all evidence prior to filing)
  • O-1As are filed for 3 years extendable in 1 or 3 year-increments. No maximum time limit.

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